1. 2010 EES anolyte recirculation in UMFC. JAV

2. Advanced research on the health benefit of reduced water. Japonija

3. Antibacterial effect of electrolysed acid water on the nasal discharge from patients with chronic rhinosinusitis. Taivanis

4. Antibacterial effect of electrolyzed water on oral bacteria. Korėja

5. Anti-diabetes effect of water containing hydrogen molecule and Pt nanoparticles. Japonija, Austrija

6. Bacterial contamination of dental unit waterlines. Jolanta Szymańska & Jolanta Sitkowska

7. Biomedical evaluation of a novel nitrogen oxides releasing wound dressing. JAV

8. Buffering capacity of human skin layers_ in vitro. Kanada

9. Effect of alkali ion water intake before and after exercise on water volume in the blood during recovery phase. Japonija

10. Effect of electrolyzed strong acid water on peritoneal irrigation of experimental perforated peritonitis. Japonija

11. Effect of molecular hydrogen saturated alkaline electrolyzed water on disuse muscle atrophy in gastrocnemius muscle. Japonija

12. Effect of Several Electrolyzed Waters on the Skin Permeation of Lidocaine- Benzoic Acid and Isosorbide Mononitrate. Japonija

13. Effects of ionized waterfall aerosol on pediatric allergic asthma. JAV, Austrija

14. Efficacy of copper-silver ionization for controlling fungal colonization in water distribution systems. Japonija

15. Electrolyzed Reduced Water Supplemented with Platinum Nanoparticles Suppresses Promotion of Two-stage Cell Transformation. Japonija

16. Electrolyzed-reduced water protects against oxidative damage to DNA RNA and protein. Korėja

17. Electrolyzed-reduced water reduced hemodialysis-induced erythrocyte impairment in end-stage renal disease patients. Japonija

18. Fungicidal efficiency of electrolyzed oxidizing water on Candida albicans and its biochemical mechanism. Kinija

19. Future Microbiology. Management of dental unit waterline biofilms in the 21st. century. Airija

20. Increasing Desalination by Mitigating Anolyte pH Imbalance Using Catholyte Effluent Addition in a Multi-Anode Bench Scale Microbial Cells. JAV

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